Hunting in Australia and many other parts of the world is regulated by various rules and regulations. In Australia the governing body is Game Managment Authority. During the Non-Game season shooters tend to participate in competitive shooting activities which mimic the game they hunt. As such, Sport Shooting clubs, such as the Australian Cypriot Sport Shooting Association is formed, allowing like minded people to get together, share knowledge, experience and most importantly have a safe time while at an outing all together.

Why Should You Join a Sport Shooting Club?


There are many different reasons people look to join clubs. Whether you are from out of town, throgh to new hoby that you have decided to embark on, it is imperative that you are well informed of rules and regulations that are put forth for the sport that you chose. By joining the Australian Cypriot Sport Shooting Association, it is not just about having an ability to get a firearms license, get a gun and go out hunting, it is about an ability to meet new like minded people, learning from each other through the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and having the abiltiy to not only go hunting, but be able to attend other events, such as clay shooting.

Where Can I Join?

So assuming you’ve decided to go ahead and join our association, then all you simply need to do is either contact us through our “Contact” page, or sign-up online by clicking here, or come down to one of our meeting events and sign up. You do not need a firearms license to become a member. We have members of all ages.

Do you host regular Hunting Events?

We are always trying to promote various events throughout the year. However, we pay particular close attention to regulations and seasons that allow these events to take place. There are open and closed seasons for the various game that you go after. Duck & Quail Season is just one example of this. In addition to ACSSA hunting events which are planned for a few times a year, we also host open nights, BBQs and Clay Shooting activities, to ensure that we keep our members always well informed through a SMS service and Facebook page. 

What Do I need to join?

All you need to join is attend one of our meetins or membership days, which are held regularly through out the year. Once we meet and greet with you, we will introduce you to everyone and explain to you how it all works, its really that simple.

Download the Hunting App for your phone

As part of the Victorian government initiatives, you can download the official Hunting App online using the following link for your Apple mobile device.

Vic Hunting Google Play App