Clay Target Shooting

Clay target shooting is a widely popular shooting sport that involves using a firearm to shoot a flying target known as a clay pigeon.”

At ACSSA we hold regular Clar Target Shoots for our members throughout the year indicated on our Yearly Calander. The events are generally 75 Targets held over 2 grounds. The day start by signing into a Squad of upto 6 shooters who in turn go through the prepared course to shoot the best score. Prizes are awarded and presented on the day. The day is filled with fun challenging targets, it is a safe environment for everyone to attend. Meals are available on the day.


You can find out more about Sport Shooting through the links provided below:

If you don’t have your Victorian firearm license, then more information can be obtained from the following website: Homepage – Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA)

For more information about hunting in Victoria, please visit the Game Management Authority (GMA) website at Home – Game Management Authority (